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with frost protection feature

The MSR3-12 is an ‘on/off’ heat pump which is ideal for the heating of holiday homes or extensions to your home.

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environmental heating solutions

The MSV-12 Black is an inverter model with a modern design and a very powerful heating function.

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This unit is packed with functions such as Sleep-mode, self cleaning, automatic re-start and the ‘Follow me’ temperature function.

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environmental heating solutions

SPECIAL ALL-INCLUSIVE DEAL!! can now offer you the QC 6000 Air to Air Heat Pump fully inclusive of delivery and installation plus a timber protection unit to conceal and protect the outdoor unit and an energy monitor to measure how much money you are saving.

Huge savings on energy bills can be achieved when investing in our environmentally responsible heating solutions.

Whether you want to heat your rooms in winter or cool them in the summer months, the QC6000 will lend itself perfectly to the home or business environment.

Heat pump housing

Conservatories – extensions – offices – lounge rooms

The CARE QC6000 is up to 360% efficient meaning more than three and a half times more energy comes out than goes in.

A Heat Pump works on the same basis as a refridgertator except in reverse …..moving heat energy from one place to another.

A domestic fridge moves heat from inside the fridge to outside whereas our Heat Pump moves the heat energy from outside of your property to the inside!

No matter how cold it is outside it doesn’t really matter.  The Scandinavian design enables the system to work with external temperatures as low as -15ºC  

All this from £1490 inclusive of VAT*

*subject to terms and conditions

An air to air heat pump has two major components. An  internal and an external unit

Internal unit - hangs on an exterior wall. Two hoses pass through the wall between the 2 units. One hose is carrying hot gas from the external unit whilst the other hose is carrying cold gas back.  The fan blows warm air from the internal unit down the wall towards the floor and recycles stale air from ceiling level through its filter so to keep the air in the room clean. 
As the air is kept circulating, the temperature in the room will be more even at floor and ceiling level compared to a room heated by radiators which suffers from overheating at ceiling level and underheating at floor level.  A remote control enables flexibility when setting the temperature of your room.

External unit - stands on the floor outside the property containing the internal unit. A fan in the external unit blows air onto the element of the heat pump which contains a gas compressed by a compressor pump. From here heat energy from the air passes into the gas which is then sent to the internal unit.

Other parts- As a special offer we have also included an energy meter which connects the line between the mains socket and the power cord for the QC 6000. This energy meter records how much power the unit is consuming and because it can be programmed with the unit cost of your electricity it will tell you precisely how much money the QC6000 costs to run!

General product information
COP: 3.60 
Energy Class:
Heating effect: 3.7 kW 
Cooling effect: 3.3 kW 
Power usage heating: 1260 W 
Power usage cooling: 1160 W 
Mains supply: 220-240V /50Hz/10A 
Compressor make: GREE 
Refrigeration gas: R410A 
Outside unit 
Fan type: Rotary 
Air volume (m³/h) 2000 
Max sound level: 55 dB 
Max sound with housing: 45 dB 
Size (w x d x h): 848x320x540mm 
Weight: 38 kg 
Inside unit 
Fan setting: Auto/High/Medium/Low 
Sound level: 43/41/35 dB 
Size ( w x d x h): 770x180x250mm 
Weight: 10 kg 
Other information 
Automatic re-start Yes 
Heating range: 17—30º C 
Turbo mode: Yes 
Outside temperature level: -15 to +40º C 
Heating of space: 90 sq. m 
Cooling space: 40 sq. m 
Pipes with quick fit fixed length: 4 metre

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